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Our World is Color

The Sherwin-Williams color catalogue expands annually with fresh ideas, ambitious color schemes and trend-forward thinking. Year after year, we achieve remarkable beauty and lasting results through an innovative approach and a belief that color can do anything.

When you need an exact shade, finish or unique match, partner with us. Our trusted color experts will work alongside you to inspire and assist your next project.

Turn Your Vision Into Reality

What do you want to see, experience or show the world? With over 50,000 colors in our library, we have the advanced matching technology needed to create or replicate anything you can think of. Work with the color experts in our DesignHouse to find the perfect gloss, metallic, special effect or anything else you can imagine. Let us show you what color can do

A Beautiful Obsession

Through travel, research and human understanding, we’re able to explore our obsession with color and find out what it means to people everywhere. For over, 150 years we’ve discovered that color can unite, inspire and create change.

Color can TELL STORIES. Color can DO ANYTHING. .

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