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Color, design and advice

Color can be an experience. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the Sherwin-Williams DesignHouse is a color and design service group dedicated to collaborating throughout your color selection and design processes. Our team of color experts studies the latest revolutions in color and design and the greatest achievements in coatings development to keep architects, product manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) ahead of the competition. Work alongside our team to discover, refine and visualize personalized color for your projects. 

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Benefits of the DesignHouse

The DesignHouse team consists of experts who are immersed in industry trends and color innovation to offer skilled color advice. Serving as a collaborative space for a variety of architectural and product design needs, the DesignHouse can streamline your path to market.


Services of the DesignHouse

Sit down with the team to determine the best solutions for your needs. Meetings with the DesignHouse team can cover a range of services, including:

  • Color forecast presentations
  • Color palette reviews
  • Regional color palette analyses
  • Product color reviews
  • General color and forecasting discussions

Color insights and tools

Architectural color forecasts

The DesignHouse publishes architectural metal coatings color forecasts that look more than 3-5 years into the future. The forecasts present colors and coatings effects that are informed by global societal catalysts and industry insights.

Color collections

The DesignHouse team helps curate applicable color collections for various markets, regions and coatings technologies. Browse the collections to explore our expanded selections and robust color-matching capabilities.

Innovative coatings effects

Customize beyond color with a vast selection of sheens, glosses and special effects. Our Sherwin-Williams teams have developed coatings effects to deliver the finishes you desire – from shimmers and sparkles to textures, prints and more.

Customizable color stories

Discover new realms of color possibilities. Sherwin-Williams color experts are equipped to help you tell your color story through new ideas, ambitious schemes and forward-thinking designs.


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Work with our team of color experts for your unique product or project.

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