How PVDF Coatings Make Architecture Monumental

Metal architecture is part of our daily lives—whether we know it or not.

Many people move through daily life without giving much thought to the environment around them. But once we learn how metal architecture shapes the impression of everyday places, we can’t help but notice the effect that monumental facade design has on our experiences.

PVDF coatings are known for excellent color, stain and gloss retention. These state-of-the-art formulas hold up to extreme weather conditions for long-lasting durability, in addition to retaining excellent color quality. That’s why they are trusted worldwide to protect metal building products such as the ones used in the projects below.

In this article, we explore the creation of three landmark buildings that use PVDF coatings to add a creative aesthetic to their functional design.

The Pavilion at Ole Miss

A curved design makes The Pavilion at Ole Miss stand out with a striking—yet functional—metal roof. The design team, AECOM Technology, chose high performance 70% PVDF coatings for the protection properties against weathering, dirt and stains. The coating color is an earthy Terra Cotta, which mimics the look of several other buildings on campus.

Learn more about The Pavillion on our case studies page.

Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture

The Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture uses custom-created coatings and an intricately decorated facade to make an outstanding impression. The bronze clad corona earned the museum a 2019 AIA Award for its memorable design.

A trio of custom-created colors in African Sunset, African Sunrise and African Rose coat the structure along with one standard shade of Black Sherwin-Williams Fluropon coating. Each coating color builds off the layer underneath it to create the exact shade of bronze desired and the unique appearance of this project.

Read the full design story of the museum.

Exploration Tower at Port Canaveral 

Visitors to Port Canaveral can enjoy the color-shifting hues in Blue Pearl II on the Exploration Tower. As the sunlight hits the facade, the coating shifts from white to iridescent blue. The Fluropon Effects Kameleon color-shifting formula pairs with the one-of-a-kind curved architecture for a truly monumental sight.

In addition to the shifting colors, Fluropon Effects Kameleon 70% PVDF coatings provide long-lasting coating integrity, including advanced protection against UV rays from the harsh Florida sun.

Watch our YouTube video about the Exploration Center. 

PVDF coatings are chosen to cover metal building products for many proven benefits:

  • Excellent color retention
  • Superior chalk resistance
  • Adhesion quality
  • Film integrity
  • Abrasion resistance 
  • Durability

With hundreds of project examples that have created stunning architecture, it’s no wonder PVDF coatings are the product of choice for protecting monumental buildings across the globe.

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