Outdoor Leisure and Office Furniture

Color for How You Live and Work

Color and durability are important. That's why we work with our color trend experts to formulate fashion-forward colors that meet consumer trends. Large batch and small batch capability allows for orders of all sizes and levels of customization to be produced quickly and efficiently. For all your furniture color needs look to Sherwin-Williams for coatings that can handle the elements and showcase color.

  • Metal Office

    When your products help others realize their vision, the finish matters. Our office furniture coatings give designers the flexibility to unleash their design creativity while also supporting efficient manufacturing operations. We work with color trend experts to formulate fashion-forward colors that meet changing work environment needs. Your products, their vision, our coatings, let's build something great today!

  • Outdoor Leisure

    Whether your products chill on a deck, by the ocean, or warm-up near a fire pit next to a mountain chalet, long-term protection and performance are mandatory. Our coatings are designed to keep your products protected from the elements while maintaining your selected color and finish.

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