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Industrial Color Trends

At Sherwin-Williams DesignHouse, we take color very seriously. So much so, that we have spent the last few years ideating, forecasting and collaborating and have released our fourth annual trends forecast that will serve the industrial space over the next several years. These trend forecasts were created to inspire and influence industrial, product and CMF designers. 

Industrial Color Trend Forecasts

V: 2023 Analysis Report
We’re putting our predictions under a spectrophotometer to understand what we got right, what influenced unforeseen shifts and what this means for the next eVolution of color. We’re looking back to look ahead: our most thorough analysis to date educates this year’s forecast for the next three to five years.
FUSE: 2022 Industrial Color Trend Forecast
Peel back layers of influences in 18 colors and three resounding color stories. Presented in a look book full of inspiration and surprises, FUSE is intended to guide industrial, product and CMF designers over the next 3-5 years.
Perspectives: 2021 Industrial Color Trend Forecast
Our latest trend forecast was created to inspire and influence you. These collections of individual and complementary colors reflect future trends that will serve the next 3-5 years.
OWN: 2020 Industrial Color Trend Forecast
Our 2020 trend forecast, OWN, was inspired by the need to own up to our collective responsibilities. Let these collections bring out the adapter, the alchemist, and the advocate in you.
Spark: 2019 Industrial Color Trend Forecast
Our forward-looking trends offer inspiration and confidence to develop products in colors, materials, finishes, textures and patterns that consumers will accept and adopt - giving your design team a competitive edge.

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