The letter V is centered in a circle, surrounded by outstretching lines in a rainbow of colors that are blended and interconnected to form a larger circle.

Colors, Finishes and Effects Evolving and Emerging in Industrial Design

V: An Analysis Report

V. For a singular letter, it can tell such a story. We named the Sherwin-Williams 2023 industrial color trend forecast V for a Variety of reasons. The most obvious may be that V is the Roman numeral for fiVe, and this year marks our fifth industrial color trend forecast and the fifth year of our DesignHouse. But the meaning doesn’t end there.

In V, we’re taking a deep dive into the analysis step — but we’re not just analyzing future trends, we’re analyzing our past, present and future.

We’re putting our predictions under a spectrophotometer to understand what we got right, what influenced unforeseen shifts and what this means for the next eVolution of color. We’re looking back to look ahead: our most thorough analysis to date educates this year’s forecast for the next three to five years.

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Inside The Vault

The image for the 2019 trend forecast, Spark, shows an illuminated sphere in dark space, with ribbons of light flowing outward, all reflected below as if by a body of water

A Spark of Familiarity

A Desire to Connect

The desire to connect exists globally and locally, through art, culture, belief systems, nature, environment, government, science and technology. It is our responsibility to not only honor connection, but to challenge and disrupt the familiar. The themes in this forecast originate from the complex overarching global and societal mega catalysts that translate to consumer-centric, industry-identifiable, product-producing macro stories and motivate us to explore, escape and be empowered.

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The image for the 2020 trend forecast, OWN,  shows a background image of a lush waterfall is layered with four increasingly smaller circles that depict a microscopic view, a top-down view of a city block, a dark tunnel with teal green neon lights, and a person in a red jacket viewing a waterfall


We Create our Own Community

We, collectively, create our own community, constructing, nurturing and owning connections. All of us own up to our responsibility to better our environment, our people, our planet. The Adapter, Alchemist and Advocate collections in this forecast originate from entangled mega catalysts that distill to macro-level facets, like technology, community and sustainability.

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The image for the 2021 trend forecast, Perspectives, shows an upside-down triangle with a black-and-white photo of a woman peering through her fingers in layered over a triangle filled with a photo of a tree line reflected in a still lake, which fades into the background outside of the triangle with a textured, green pattern


Expertise, Experience and Captivating Color

Life experience is the foundation of great design — it informs who we were, are and will be and shapes our perspective on our lives, the world and  humanity as a whole. Expertise, unique experience and captivating color connect in this year’s forecast to showcase the multidimensional nature of Perspectives, physically and metaphorically, and encourage us to refresh our point of view by pausing and rewinding, pushing play, and fast forwarding.

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