Powdura ECO and Livonia Tool

Sustainability That Racks Up

Michigan-based job shop, Livonia Tool & Laser, uses Powdura® ECO from Sherwin-Williams to achieve exceptional performance and promote sustainability.

As a largely PO-based fabrication and material handling shop, Livonia Tool & Laser is equipped to handle multiple capabilities, but is primarily known for its portable rack fabrication. Operating within a 200,000-square-foot manufacturing space, the company services roughly 800 customers per year including big names like General Motors, Kawasaki and John Deere. 

Livonia Tool & Laser, which claims 1943 as its official year of establishment, has progressed tremendously throughout the past century. Irv Harris, founding owner and toolmaker from Livonia, Michigan, started his garaged-based business, Harris Trailers, producing pull-behind campers in the 1940s. By 1978, the operation outgrew its facility in Livonia and moved production to Litchfield, Michigan.

Sustainability That Racks Up

Duration - 4:7

At the beginning of 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic was just beginning, Livonia ran into some coverage issues with a RAL 1023 yellow powder coating for a customer outfitting warehouses with chutes, conveyors and automation equipment. Around the same time this issue surfaced, Livonia’s well-rounded lead estimator, Michael Schneider, was introduced to an intriguing new powder coating from Sherwin-Williams that uses a recycled-plastic resin – Powdura ECO.

“As a solution to the coverage issues we were experiencing with our powder at the time, we jumped at the opportunity to try Powdura ECO because of its high performance and sustainable makeup."

Michael Schneider

Lead Estimator, Livonia Tool and Laser

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