Colormix 2021 - Rythm of Color

Rhythm of Color

Examined through lenses of the past, present and future, and inspired by nature and balance, Rhythm of Color is the secret to how the natural world stays in step. Each of the finish collections – Sanctuary, Encounter, Continuum and Tapestry – reflect how the rhythm of nature can manifest into feelings of calmness, wellness, authenticity and happiness when entangled with influences like sustainability, storytelling, community and futuristic fiction. 

As we step into the Rhythm of Color, we’re reminded that no matter what happens in our world or our industry, nature will always be here to ground us.

Use this forecast as your inspiration. Then, let our experts help you bring that inspiration to life with your own proprietary finish at our Global Color & Design Center.  

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Inside Rhythm of Color



Back to Nature

The Sanctuary collection brings nature inside through calming colors that nurture wellness and serenity. Scandinavian simplicity, a key influence for this collection of finishes, beautifully combines soft, matte neutrals with rich, well-worn textures and sunbaked hues. A simple palette of warm minimalism, these natural and muted finishes forge a true connection between interior and environment.


  • Mindful Nesting
  • Life Balance
  • Sustainability
  • Biophilia  


Layers of Local Character

The Encounter collection’s rich earthy finishes embrace heritage lux and global inspiration. Varying levels of gloss and sheen, balanced by dark, textured finishes enhance the natural beauty of wood. Rustic and tribal hues breathe life into burnished, charred stains reminiscent of heirlooms and ancient stories of the past.


  • Storytelling
  • Patchwork
  • Watercolors
  • Global Patterns




An Ethereal Spectrum

The Continuum collection embodies an entangled hybrid of synthetic and natural influences. These finishes redefine tradition, pulling inspiration from the past and future, reflecting a mixed reality. With tactile, sensorial finishes, Continuum seamlessly fuses technology with nature, blending whites, charcoals and pops of color found in the natural environment.


  • Community
  • Science Fiction
  • Historical Luxury
  • Anthropocene




Permission to Play

Vivid hues in the Tapestry collection serve as the spark that brings creativity to life. Finishes influenced by theatrical, exaggerated expressions infuse playful color through layers of pattern and texture. In response to minimalism, Tapestry’s maximalist metallics and jewel tone finishes create a modern, meaningful outlet for artistic exposition.


  • Diversion
  • Future Fiction
  • Maximum Glam
  • Wellness
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