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Harness the Power of Color to Drive Your Business Forward

For industrial wood finishers, there’s a lot riding on color—product quality, consistency and your ability to meet the evolving demands of today’s homeowners and end users. Find out why color leadership is an important quality to look for in a wood coatings supplier.

Author(s): Heather Becker, Director of Product Management and Maggie O’Hare, Sr. Manager of Color & Design

For industrial wood finishers, color can come with questions.

  • How can I be sure I’m providing color consistency in every product?
  • Am I providing the color and finish options that my customers want?
  • What can I do if I run out of a specific color-matched coating unexpectedly?

Your answers to these questions are important—and they often depend on the support you receive from your coatings supplier. And it’s part of why such a partnership can have a significant impact on your business.

Let explore why all things color—color quality, color expertise and color leadership—represent a critical part of what your wood coatings supplier should bring to the table.

Keeping You on the Leading Edge

Color is a powerful tool in interior design, and today’s end users are increasingly looking to harness that power throughout their living and working spaces.

That’s why it’s incumbent to stay attuned to the dynamic landscape of color trends in order to satisfy the ever-shifting styles and preferences of consumers. Getting ahead of such trends can enable you to design, manufacture and go to market with products that are in tune with contemporary demand.

The right wood coatings partner should be able to assist you in doing each of these things. Ideally, your coatings supplier should have experience in color forecasting to help you navigate upcoming trends and strategically chose colors for your product portfolio.

Color Quality and Consistency

Color quality and repeatability are incredibly important to a wood shop’s reputation. The quality of a coating—including both how well it applies to your substrate initially and its long-term durability—reflects on the quality of your finished products. Meanwhile, your customers don’t care if your paint or coating supplier is the one responsible for a mismatch or inaccuracy—but they will remember they received inconsistent products from you.

Simultaneously, offering on-demand color variety can be a significant operational challenge for small- to medium-sized industrial wood shops. Offering numerous color options can involve holding extra inventory, and if you don’t have extra on hand, you’re at the mercy of your color supplier to deliver an exact match quickly.

Quality, consistency and an ability to get you the coatings you need when you need them—these are all important things to vet when you’re evaluating your wood color coatings suppliers. An optimal partner will bring those qualities to the table and more. 

Drive Success with Color Leadership from Sherwin-Williams

At Sherwin-Williams, we’re ready to apply our color expertise to your business, helping you navigate ever-evolving consumer desires and meet demand with on-trend, high-quality products. Backed by more than 150 years in the paint and coatings business, as well as extensive consumer retail data collected in our stores throughout the country, we understand consumer trends and color preferences better than anyone in the coatings industry. As the true global color leader, it’s our mission to collect and curate the colors that help you bring your vision to life intuitively and confidently.

We also know that color quality, repeatability and on-demand access are incredibly important for your reputation. It’s why we developed the Color Express™ program, an effective way for you to remain nimble in delivering the color your customers demand without interruption to your production processes. Color Express grants you access to thousands of on-trend colors, available in high-performance wood finishing technologies and in the quantities you need to meet demand. 

Through Color Express, along with Sherwin-Williams’ comprehensive distribution network, you’re never far from the color you need—and we’ll get it to you within 24 hours. The color delivery components within the Color Express System are thoroughly tested to ensure the highest-quality finishes every time. Finally, the Color Express product lineup includes wood finishes that have been selected based on strong performance and repeatability. 

Interested in learning more?

Sherwin-Williams Industrial Wood can bring color leadership to your business, helping you deliver on evolving demands with reliable, high-quality products. Reach out to your Sherwin-Williams representative to get started today.

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Stay on trend at DesignHousee!

At the Sherwin-Williams DesignHouse, our color and design experts are focused on one thing: enhancing the natural beauty of wood while helping you go to market with on-trend finishes. We can help you with:

  • Trend forecasting. As the market for painted wood products continues to grow, our color experts know the latest upcoming trends when it comes to both pigmented and stained finishes.
  • Palette Assessment. Leveraging data from the industries we serve, we know both what's selling and what will be selling in years to come. Sit down with our experts to discuss how you can translate these insights into new products.
  • Research and development. We work with you to make tomorrow's trends today's reality. At our Application Lab, we can replicate your finishing conditions, application methods and substrate to bring your desired finish to life

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