Safety Products & Personal Protection

For your protection, Sherwin-Williams carries a variety of safety products including gloves, respirators, safety eyewear, coveralls and more.

industrial painter safety equipment and painters wear
  • Coveralls & Painter's Clothing

    Coveralls and painter's clothing protect against spatters, splatters and drips during the paint application process.

  • Gloves

    Gloves are available in various types, from leather work gloves for protection against on-site hazards, to disposable gloves and more.

  • Head & Eye Protection

    Head and eye protection are crucial pieces of gear that provide protection against ultraviolet (UV) rays, dust, debris, paint overspray and more.

  • Hearing Protection

    Earplugs and earmuffs provide protection on a job site.

  • Respirators & Accessories

    Sherwin-Williams offers a full line of disposable and reusable respirators to meet the needs of any work environment.

  • Safety Accessories

    Personal protection equipment (PPE) includes protection for your ears and head, as well as other gear to enhance safety.

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