Safety, Compliance and Durability from Floor to Ceiling

Life science and pharmaceutical facilities face unique challenges. We offer innovative solutions.

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Industry-Leading Protection for Biotechnology Facilities

Created to help our pharmaceutical, biotech and life science facility customers minimize downtime and safety events, our full portfolio of products helps you:

  • Eliminate areas that encourage undesirable microbial growth 
  • Protect facility surfaces from exposure to harsh sanitizers and other chemicals 
  • Maintain Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) as required by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 
  • Accelerate return to service, saving facilities time and money 

To get more information about our life science facility coatings, request a free site evaluation, or to speak with a coatings expert about an upcoming project, simply complete the inquiry form. A Sherwin-Williams coatings professional will attend to your request promptly.

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Resinous floor in pharma lab

Why Resinous Coatings for Pharmaceutical and Life Science?

Designed to Perform

  • Seamless transitions from floor to wall to ceiling  for optimal facility hygiene and cleanability
  • Excellent stain and chemical resistance
  • Durable, heavy-duty wall and flooring options for 24/7 high use spaces
  • Can withstand exposure to very hot water and steam cleaning, depending on system type
  • Unlimited aesthetic options to complement virtually any design 
  • Specification support for industry compliance


Discover Cutting-Edge Coating Solutions for Your Life Science or Pharmaceutical Facility


Industry-Leading Selection - Unlimited Design

Get the protective floor, wall and ceiling solutions your facility needs, with the features you require. High performance seamless, slip-resistant resinous flooring from Sherwin-Williams help create sterile and cleanable conditions that comply with strict pharmaceutical and life science industry standards.

Due to their excellent stain and chemical resistance, our decorative systems can be easily maintained and deliver long-lasting aesthetics. These innovative floor solutions provide busy science and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities with a wide range of design options that can be customized to include patterns or logos to enhance lobbies and other public areas. 


Explore Our Coating Solutions for Life Science Facilities

Choose from our wide range of durable high-performance ceiling, wall and floor coatings for pharmaceutical and life science facilities. These innovative finishes help minimize downtime and maintenance costs, while providing seamless, hygienic surface protection in clean rooms, research laboratories, manufacturing plants, employee welfare areas and more.

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