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ResuGrip™ Non-Slip Floor Coatings

Safety coatings for loading docks, ramps, balconies and walkways

Discover our line of non-slip safety coatings for industrial, commercial and institutional facilities that help keep employees, visitors and building occupants safe, while enabling managers to meet ADA guidelines. Perfect for loading docks, ramps, balconies and walkways, the ResuGrip product family is comprised of five differently textured coatings that accommodate a range of pedestrian and rolling traffic needs. The slip-inhibiting finishes may be installed over the appropriate Sherwin-Williams primer on a variety of substrates, such as concrete, wood, metal and asphalt, depending on the product being used. The line is available in a selection of popular colors; custom colors are available upon request. 

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Safety Floor Coating Options

Designed to Perform

  • Comprehensive portfolio of slip-resistant coating options for commercial and industrial facilities
  • Indoor and outdoor formulations to accommodate varying operational needs  
  • Adhesion to different types of substrates with the use of appropriate primers
  • Single and dual component products in a selection of popular colors
  • A range of textures, from fine to high traction, for optimal flexibility


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