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Discover recently launched seamless floor coating systems and facility specific solutions for your next project.


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Brewery Floor Solutions
Explore hygienic, non-slip seamless, resinous floor coatings for brewery facilities.
FasTop Multi Systems Polyurethane Hygienic Flooring
FasTop Multi Systems provide hygienic, chemical and slip resistant flooring solutions that are extremely hard wearing.
Flooring Equipment and Supplies
Discover the flooring equipment and supplies that can help maximize installation project efficiency. Learn more here.
Food and Beverage Floor Solutions
Explore hygienic, non-slip seamless, resin floor coatings for agricultural, beverage, bakery, dairy, meat and kitchen facilities.
Industrial and Manufacturing Floor Solutions
Our durable, impact resistant floors provide long lasting solutions for a wide range of commercial and industrial facilities.
Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Floor Solutions
Discover our line of seamless, non-slip resin floors that create sterile and cleanable conditions that comply with strict pharmaceutical and healthcare industry standards.
ResuGrip Non-Skid Safety Coatings
ResuGrip Safety Coatings provide durable, slip-resistance surfaces to help protect concrete floor slabs and improve floor traction in a wide range of industrial, commercial and institutional facilities.
forklift on non-skid loading dock
School and University Floor Solutions
Our seamless, hygienic and contemporary resin floors for schools, colleges universities and libraries are hard-wearing and slip resistant.
SofTop Comfort Systems
Discover our ergonomic, sound-dampening, sanitizer-resistant floors for healthcare, education and many other commercial and institutional environments.
Beautiful SofTop Flooring in educational setting
Stadium and Arena Floor Solutions
Explore durable, decorative resin floor solutions for concourses, concessions and washrooms.

Additional Resources

Color Resources
Our color experts will collaborate with you to develop a resinous floor color combination that complements your structure's design.
Project Case Studies
Become inspired by our library of resin flooring projects, and then imagine what we can do for you with our extraordinary coating and color offering, along with our dedicated team of experts.
Terrazzo Floor in Hospital
From the Ground Up – LEED Flooring Solutions
Commercial flooring systems from Sherwin-Williams can contribute up to five points in LEED credit. Learn more here!

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