Resin floor in food processing facility

Food and Beverage Seamless Floor Solutions

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The high-performance line of seamless, non-slip resin floors from Sherwin-Williams promotes worker safety, thanks to a monolithic surface that will not lift up like the grouted quarry tile and dairy brick found in many food and beverage environments. These systems also promote food safety with proper slope-to-drains in areas subject to frequent washdowns, so water doesn’t pond and harbor bacteria. The FasTop™ seamless polyurethane floor systems offer a profiled surface in both wet and dry conditions, and are resistant to the harsh chemicals used as part of Clean-In-Place (CIP) processes, including caustic soda, nitric and phosphoric acid. 

What to Expect from Your Free Flooring Evaluation

Whether you want to learn more about the safety and condition of your current flooring, review upcoming repairs and maintenance concerns, or are interested in discussing a new protective system, we're ready to help. Here is what you can expect from your no-charge flooring evaluation:

  • Consultation with a knowledgeable Sherwin-Williams flooring specialist
  • A thorough check of your concrete floor and site conditions
  • Identification of your facility’s flooring requirements
  • Discussion of your flooring system options, based on your needs, timeline and budget
  • Presentation of a project estimate by an experienced local installer

From USDA compliant flooring that can withstand extreme temperature cycling to industrial strength, moisture-tolerant protection for wet processingareas, our regional specialists and local installers can help you determine the best options for your specific needs and budget.

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Resinous floor in commercial kitchen

Why Resin Flooring for Food and Beverage Facilities?

Coatings to keep your facility clean and compliant

  • Protection of your assets against harsh daily cleaning chemicals
  • Seamless transitions from walls to floors to eliminate areas where bacteria grows
  • Shorter downtime for maintenance from quick-curing products


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