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Durable, impact resistant floors for production, containment and warehouse facilities

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Industrial and manufacuring facilities demand tough resin flooring for heavy traffic areas. Sherwin-Williams seamless flooring systems are resistant to impact and can tolerate constant heavy traffic from automated machinery and forklifts. In addition, they offer high abrasion and chemical resistance, promote hygiene and easy cleaning and enhance aesthetics with solutions such as light-reflective or single-colour systems. Our hard-wearing floor solutions are anti-slip to protect staff and operators from trips and falls. 

Solutions for Your Industry

  • Containment and Bunds

    Chemical- and impact-resistant floor coatings and screeds for containment areas and bunds provide superb adhesion to substrates to help contain leaks and prevent pollution.

  • Electronics

    Static dissipative seamless resin floor systems for electronics and semiconductor manufacturing, processing and production facilities help prevent damage to electronic components.

  • Nuclear (Energy and Waste)

    Approved resin floor systems with ease of decontamination certification for the energy industry and chemical waste management facilities.

  • Printing and Packaging

    Durable resin floor solutions resistant to printing inks, chemicals and pallet truck operations are ideal for printing and packaging facilities.

  • Production Facilities

    Heavy-duty, impact-resistant and non-slip seamless floor systems that meet the demands of production and manufacturing environments.

  • Warehousing and Distribution

    Impact-resistant, heavy-duty industrial resin flooring for warehouses, distribution centres and logistics facilities that withstand high traffic and heavy loads.

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