All the kudos, none of the risk.

Calling all architects. Flooring that ticks all the boxes, and looks the business too.

As an architect you know that specifying high performance flooring for your food or beverage client will require a few non-negotiables. It needs to be compliant with industry regulations, hard-wearing, anti-slip and super-hygienic. We’ve created a range of resin flooring products that not only meet HACCP International and Campden BRI standards but look good too.

Architect’s checklist

    Fully compliant to international standards

    Expanded colour palette with multicolour decorative flake options

    Easy to install with quick curing times

    Hygienic, antimicrobial and anti-slip

    Hard-wearing and abrasion resistant

Rock solid floors - they look great as well.

We believe high performance flooring should look great too, which is why we’ve developed an expanded colour palette to create visually appealing working environments to suit a wide range of settings. These can be enhanced with a range of customisable options such as reflective flakes, coloured marble or granite chips.

Hard wearing.

Impact and abrasion resistant, our food and beverage flooring can take all the knocks and scrapes that will come its way from the 24/7 rigours of an industrial food and beverage environment.

Easy install and rapid cure.

We’ve developed a sophisticated filler to create enhanced flow and levelling to make installation easier for a great finish and to minimise the possibilities of pinholes.

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