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Coil Coating Comparison Guide

At Sherwin-Williams, we are obsessed with what’s next.

As the industry leader in coating innovation and performance, we’re constantly developing coatings in various technologies to ensure your vision passes the test of time. To help you find the perfect coating for your project, we’ll discuss the basics of what’s in a coating, coating selection considerations and the various products we offer.

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What’s in a Coating?

While all liquid coatings consist of pigments, resins, solvents and additives, not all are formulated the same. Any combination of these ingredients can enhance a coating’s performance capabilities, physical properties and costs. Understanding what’s in a coating can help you find the best technology for your project.


Here's a quick overview of what each ingredient in a coating does:

  • Pigments provide color, hiding and chemical resistance
  • Resins bind pigments to the substrate and provide weather resistance properties
  • Solvents help transport the solids to the substrate
  • Additives provide unique properties that enhance the coating’s durability, flexibility, hardness, weatherability and texture to meet product specific needs



Coil Coating Resin Systems

Resins are the backbone of the formula as they hold the entire coating system together. They’re responsible for basic performance capabilities, like resistance to abrasion, scratching, corrosion, moisture and UV light. Resins also give coatings their adhesion, hardness and flexibility.

There are four types of resins that can be used in coatings:

  • Polyester resins give coatings a hard finish, good flexibility and good corrosion resistance, making them ideal for general purpose, interior and exterior metal building components.
  • Siliconized Modified Polyester (SMP) is a polyester resin with silicone added to strengthen weather resistance and gloss retention. Due to its great weathering properties, SMP resins are a great choice for exterior metal building components, roofing and wall panels.
  • 70% Polyvinylidene Difluoride (PVDF) has superior weather performance and UV resistance, making it the best option for exterior building components, walls and roofing, composite panels and curtain walls.
  • Fluoroethylene Vinyl Ether (FEVE) is similar to PVDF in that it has excellent weathering performance and UV resistance. FEVE resins offer exceptional chalk, fade and stain resistance, so these resins work best in coatings that are applied to exterior metal wall panels and composite panels.



Pigments help enhance the overall appearance of coatings with color and special effects. We know how important it is to find a color that matches your vision. That’s why our coatings can be formulated with three different types of pigments to achieve your perfect color.  

  • Inorganic (Ceramic) Pigments are made from complex metal oxides and give coatings an opaque appearance to help hide a substrate or base color
  • Organic Pigments have a higher chroma and wider range of colors compared to inorganic pigments but are less stable in sunlight and heat.

We can help you select the best pigment to meet the unique needs of your project and achieve your desired aesthetic.


When deciding which of our proprietary coatings is right for your next project, there are several factors you should consider. To pair color with the best coating technology, you’ll want to know:

  • End-use application
  • The project’s geographical location
  • Natural elements, weather and sun exposure
  • Desired color
  • Project sustainability requirements
  • Damage resistance

Having this information helps us assess which coating characteristics are the best choice for your project. From there, we can make a recommendation based on your unique needs. Together, we’ll customize a coating that matches your vision.


Summary of Metal Coating Products

Driven by our obsession with what’s next, we’ve developed several lines of coatings in varying technologies to help bring your vision to life. You can enhance your projects with:

  • PolyPREMIER, a multipurpose coating with a polyester resin.
  • Weather XL and WeatherXL Crinkle, an SMP resin-based two-coat system that can endure nature’s toughest conditions.  
  • Fluropon®, a 70% PVDF resin-based coating with brilliant color that’s made to last.
  • Flurothane® is a 70% PVDF resin-based coating that’s built to endure corrosion and chemicals in coastal and industrial environments.
  • Illumipon®, formerly known as Valflon®, this eye-catching coating helps structures pop without compromising on durability.

Each coating has been formulated to fit specific settings, industries and project needs. Take a look at our coating end use and product comparison charts to get a better understanding of our product benefits.

End Uses and Coatings to be Used

Product Comparison



From good weathering, flexibility and hardness to corrosion and color customization, this coating can be tailored with a combination of properties. With all these capabilities, PolyPREMIER is an excellent multipurpose coating for a wide range of interior and exterior end uses.

Explore PolyPREMIER

WeatherXL and WeatherXL Crinkle 

WeatherXL and
WeatherXL Crinkle

The carbon-silicone bond is one of the strongest bonds in nature, making WeatherXL and WeatherXL Crinkle products incredibly durable in tough conditions. Their resistance to chalking, fading and scratching is the best in the industry for SMP, making this two-coat system ideal for commercial and residential metal roofing, wall panels and other exterior products.

Explore WeatherXL

See the benefits of WeatherXL and WeatherXL Crinkle in action at Batterton Home, Taylor Performing Arts Center and Temme Waterfront Workshop.



When your vision calls for brilliant color, look to the field-proven endurance of Fluropon. With its superior weathering system, coatings will appear “like new” for decades. Fluropon coatings meet the most rigorous specifications in the industry and have been protecting long-lasting beauty on a variety of architectural, commercial and residential facades.

Explore the Fluropon Coil Family
Explore the Fluropon Extrusion Family



Protect your vision from corrosion or chemicals with our thick Flurothane coating system. Consisting of 70% PVDF resins, this coating offers strong adhesion to the substrate and topcoat as well as exceptional protection in the harshest environments.

Protect with Flurothane



Make any structure stand out with a vibrant Illumipon coating. This coating comes in a wide variety of colors available in high gloss. Its eye-catching appearance makes it a perfect choice for branding logos and signs, accent pieces and other high-end architectural, commercial and residential projects that rely on color recognition. 

Explore the Illumipon Coil Family
Explore the Illumipon Extrusion Family

We're here to help

At Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings, we know there are many factors to consider when choosing the right metal coating for your next project. Together, we’ll find or customize the perfect coating to bring your designs to life. With your vision and our dedication to match it, we can create something beautiful together.

For more information, review our Metal Coatings Comparison Guide.


To get started, please contact one of our architectural reps.

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