Food Can Coatings

Sherwin-Williams offers a comprehensive range of products for food cans. Sherwin-Williams food can coatings provide reliable protection for sheet, coil and spray applications.

valPure Food Can Coatings Bulletin

Whether you pack mild (peas, corn, pet food), moderate (green beans, luncheon meats, tomatoes, tuna) or aggressive foods (salsas, sauerkraut, sauces), Sherwin-Williams food can coatings, including non-BPA coating solutions, have been designed to provide maximum protection for both the packed products and the metal can throughout the processes of application, fabrication and packing.

For nearly three decades, Sherwin-Williams has provided can makers and brand owners around the world with reliable coatings performance while protecting the integrity of their brand. 

valPure® non-BPA* coating solutions from Sherwin-Williams for food cans includes 3PC bodies & ends, DRD, D&I, EZOE, SSS and sanitary ends.  

Product Range:

  • Three-piece Cans
    • Interior coatings - gold, white, aluminized
    • Exterior coatings - clear, gold
  • Two-piece D&I (Drawn and Ironed) cans
    • Interior spray - gold, white, gray
    • Exterior wash coat
  • Two-piece DRD (Draw-Redraw cans, steel and aluminum)
    • Interior coatings - gold, white, aluminized
    • Exterior coatings - clear, gold, colors
  • Ends - Sanitary, (EOE/EZO) Easy Open, Heat Seal (Peelable membrane)
    • Interior coatings - gold, white, aluminized
    • Exterior coatings - clear, gold, colors
  • Side Seam Stripes
    • Direct roll coat or spray applied liquid
    • Powder


  • Solvent-based, water-based, high solids solvent-based
  • Side seam stripe powder, Vecodur™ , for 3-piece cans
  • valPure® Non-BPA* technologies
  • Coil, Sheet and Spray applied systems


  • Excellent product release properties
  • Available in white, gold, aluminized (interior)
  • Retortable, aseptic, and hot-fill technologies
  • Custom exterior colors (DRD & 3PC)
  • Product range covers the widest variety of food packs in the industry
  • Abrasion resistant exterior end coatings

valPure non-BPA Coating Solutions

Learn more about our valPure® line of products supported by our rigorous Safety by Design development protocol.

*Non-BPA - This designation indicates that the coating technology is based on polymeric components that are not derived from Bisphenol A.

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