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Download our Packaging Coating related materials and learn more about our products and processes.

The Revival of the Metal Can - White Paper

Read about the progress of the metal can and the coatings that protect them and their contents.

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Packaging Coatings Brochure

Learn about the markets we serve, our exemplary technical service, regulatory expertise and more.

Steel Container Brochure

Interior and exterior coatings for drums and pails - download the brochure and learn more about our technologies.

variety of monobloc aluminun bottles

Monobloc Coatings Brochure

Learn more about our monobloc product portfolio - external basecoats and overvarnishes, internal protective coatings - including valPure technologies, and our aerosol valve coating.

White Papers

variety of metal containers

The Revival of the Metal Can - White Paper

Metal packaging addresses the current challenges of the circular economy. The value of light metal packaging is seen in its contribution to reducing food waste, extending shelf life, maintaining fresh nutritious foods, and enabling 100% recyclability of the can. Coatings for metal packaging have transitioned from traditional epoxy-based coatings to new non-BPA coating technologies, which includes the Sherwin-Williams new valPure® non-BPA coatings that have Platinum Cradle to Cradle certifications. Learn more about the importance of these coatings in the light metal packaging industry. Read the Entire White Paper by clicking the link above.

Sell Sheets 

valPure word logo for non-BPA technology for light metal packaging

valPure non-BPA Sell Sheet

Learn more about our valPure®  family of non-BPA coating technologies including acrylic, polyester and non-BPA epoxy. 

valPure V70 Sell Sheet

valPure V70, a non-BPA platform technology for light metal packaging - learn more about valPure V70, its development and uses.

monobloc can with interior showing

valPure V70 Interiors for Monobloc Applications

valPure V70 coatings for interior Monobloc cans and bottle applications. Learn more about these non-BPA technologies. 

interior of bottle crown

Bottle Crown Sell Sheet

PVC-free solutions for the interior of crown cap applications. Learn about the performance advantages of these technologies. 

safety by design pyramid with 7 process levels

Safety by Design Sell Sheet

Safety by Design is the product development protocol developed by Sherwin-Williams that is focused on the early screening of materials for regulatory and environmental compliance.

valPure for Beverage Sell Sheet

See more on our valPure technologies for the beverage can industry, including two-piece cans, beverage ends and bottle cans.

valPure for Food Sell Sheet

Across the various packaging types in the food industry Sherwin-Williams can be your non-BPA solution provider with our valPure coating portfolio.

various closure caps

ROPP and Wine Cap Sell Sheet

Used by world-leading wine and spirits brand owners, Sherwin-Williams coatings for ROPP & wine caps can be the solution for your cap business. Learn more about our many color and and specialty finish option. 

valOR Barrier Information

valOR - Preserve Freshness

Keep O2 out and CO2 in to Preserve Freshness! See the benefits for your application here.

valOR bottles with barrier additives

valOR AB300 Brochure

The new valOR AB300 series multilayer pure polyamide oxygen and carbon dioxide barrier additives have been developed with improved co-injection, clarity and barrier performance. Download the AB300 brochure to learn more. 

valOR for Mono- and Multi-Layer Bottles

valOR barrier additives work well in mono- and multi-layer bottles.

valOR for Juice and Beer Bottles

valOR barrier additives improve the shelf life of your bottles for beer and juice. Learn more in our bulletin.

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