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Can Coatings: Unlocking the Future of Sustainable Packaging

Learn about the critical role of innovative can coating technologies for the infinitely recyclable metal can

White Papers

variety of metal cans

Can Coatings: Unlocking the Future of Sustainable Packaging

Coatings play a critical role in the future of sustainable packaging for the European food, beverage and household good markets. The paper illustrates why metal cans are favored by the market due to their infinite recyclability, and safety and performance benefits – contributing to a circular economy.  The paper also explains how can coatings play an integral role in mitigating can corrosion and supporting sustainability goals, particularly examining Sherwin-Williams valPure® V70, the world’s first non-BPA epoxy coating that delivers exceptional corrosion protection, flavor preservation and pack performance while meeting rigorous international food safety regulations.

variety of metal containers

The Revival of the Metal Can - White Paper

Metal packaging addresses the current challenges of the circular economy. The value of light metal packaging is seen in its contribution to reducing food waste, extending shelf life, maintaining fresh nutritious foods, and enabling 100% recyclability of the can. Coatings for metal packaging have transitioned from traditional epoxy-based coatings to new non-BPA coating technologies, which includes the Sherwin-Williams new valPure® non-BPA coatings that have Platinum Cradle to Cradle certifications. Learn more about the importance of these coatings in the light metal packaging industry. Read the entire white paper by clicking the link above.

valPure® Brand Information

valPure word logo for non-BPA Coatings Technology for Light Metal Packaging

valPure non-BPA Brand Coating Technologies for Light Metal Packaging Sell Sheet

Learn more about our valPure®  family of non-BPA coating technologies including acrylic, polyester and non-BPA epoxy. 

valPure V70 Series Next Gerneration Non-BPA Coatings Sell Sheet

valPure V70, a non-BPA platform technology for light metal packaging - learn more about valPure V70, its development and uses.

monobloc can with interior showing

valPure V70 Interiors for Monobloc Applications Sell Sheet

In an industry that has historically relied on epoxy chemistry, the valPure V70 line of non-BPA* epoxy coating technologies delivers consistent spray application and excellent pack performance across a broad range of pack types for your internal monobloc aerosol can and aluminum bottle needs.

safety by design pyramid with 7 process levels

Safety by Design Development Protocol Sell Sheet

Safety by Design is the product development protocol developed by Sherwin-Williams that is focused on the early screening of materials for regulatory and environmental compliance.

valPure for Beverage Cans and Ends Sell Sheet

See more on our valPure technologies for the beverage can industry, including two-piece cans, beverage ends and bottle cans.

valPure for Food Cans and Ends Sell Sheet

Across the various packaging types in the food industry Sherwin-Williams can be your non-BPA solution provider with our valPure coating portfolio.

Beverage Can and End Coatings

Beverage Can and End Coatings Brochure

A variety of coatings for beverage applications are available, including valPure® non-BPA (NBPA) solutions that continue the legacy of innovation for two-piece beverage cans and ends, as well as monobloc bottles.

4 people sitting around a bike in a field with canned drinks

valPure V70Q38 2PC Beverage Can Interior Spray Sell Sheet

valPure V70Q38 is a cost-effective non-BPA beverage can inside spray coating solution with wide application latitude, sensory protection, and robust pack performance. 

UV-Curable Beverage Can Rim Coating Brochure

UV-curable rim coatings for 2PC beverage cans from Sherwin-Williams improve mobility during conveyance and filling reduce can bottom coefficient of friction and increase manufacturing productivity. 

group of colored beverage ends

valPure V70Q05 - V71Q02 Beverage End Inteiror Coatings

Sherwin-Williams offers next-generation coatings for your interior beverage end applications. The industry has relied on Sherwin-Williams epoxy chemistry to deliver consistent application, sensory and pack performance across beer, cider, carbonated soft drinks, energy drinks and ready-to-drink teas/coffees.

beverage cans grouping

valPure V70Q11 2PC Beverage Can Interior Spray Coating Sell Sheet

valPure V70Q11 is a next-generation clear interior spray for two-piece (2PC) beverage cans. V70Q11 does not contain BPA, styrene or formaldehyde. It is designed to perform like industry-standard 20Q53, 9823001 and EcoDex epoxy spray technologies.

valEX Water-based Exterior Beverage End Coatings

ValEx™ waterborne technology is for the exterior of beverage can ends. Compatible with all commercial pre-treatments, post-lube, and non-post-lube fabrication systems and suitable for carbonated soft drinks, beer, hot fill, and retort beverages.

Food Can and End Coatings

close up of the inside of 3 piece food cans

valPure 31S46 for Three-piece food cans & ends

valPure® 31S46 is an innovative and widely used non-BPA (NBPA) and non-PTFE technology for metal packaging for food manufacturers. It can be applied via sheet coat to both TFS and ETP substrates for bodies and ends of steel three-piece cans and has been validated through commercial experience in a variety of packs.

valPure 37S41 White Coil Interior for Pet Food

valPure 37S41 delivers several performance advantages, making it an excellent choice as a pet food can liner. It exhibits excellent adhesion when packing hard-to-hold pet food products. From application to fabrication to filled can performance, valPure 37S41 delivers exceptional results.

valPure V60S25 Coil-Applied Interior for Deep-Draw DRD Cans

valPure V60S25 is a coil-applied interior coating for deep-draw aluminum draw-redraw (DRD) cans. V60S25 fabricates well into DRD cans and easy-open ends (EOEs) due to its high degree of flexibility. This coating is primarily used for luncheon meat cans and shows excellent pack performance. 

two easy open end shallow drawn cans, silver and gold

valPure V61S70 Exterior Coil-Applied Coatings for DRD Cans and EOEs

valPure V61S70 is a series of coil-applied exterior coatings for aluminum draw-redraw (DRD) cans, easy open ends (EOEs) and tabstock. Sherwin-Williams developed the V61S70 series to be a high-performance, non-BPA line of coatings that protect the outside of the can. The products show excellent scuff resistance and fabrication. V61S70 is available in both clear and gold options and can be tinted to meet custom color needs.

aluminum interior shallow draw cans

valPure V61S55WA Aluminized Coating for 3PC and DRD Cans and EOEs

The valPure® V60 series expands with a new aluminized coating for three-piece (3pc) cans, draw-redraw (DRD) cans, and easy-open ends (EOEs). This coating, valPure V61S55WA, addresses sulfide staining that can be seen on non-Cr6+ pre-treated metal for the European Market.

valPure V70S Exterior Coatings for Food Cans & Ends and Valve Cups

Designed to deliver improved scratch resistance through the manufacture, fill and shipping processes, valPure V70S non-BPA coatings are highly innovative and match the performance of epoxy-based formulas.

valPure V61S37MA Three-Piece Gold Sell Sheet

valPure® V61S37MA can be applied as a stand-alone basecoat or in a basecoat-topcoat combination, depending on specified pack aggressiveness. The coating’s high flexibility is engineered to deliver the necessary properties for both EOE and DRD cans.

valPure V61S61MA Opaque Gold Sell Sheet

valPure V61S61 is a next-generation polyester-based opaque gold interior coating for three-piece cans, draw-redraw (DRD) cans and easy-open end (EOE) topcoats.  This non-BPA coating delivers significant value to canmakers and brand owners seeking solutions for substrates using chromium VI alternative surface treatments and improved stain resistance. 

two easy open end shallow drawn cans, silver and gold

valPure V60S30 Exterior Coil-Applied Coatings for DRD Cans and EOEs

valPure V60S30 is a series of coil-applied exterior coatings for aluminum draw-redraw (DRD) cans, easy open ends (EOEs) and tabstock. Sherwin-Williams developed the V60S30 series to be a high-performing non-BPA line of coatings. The products in this series show excellent scuff and blush resistance and robust fabrication capability. V60S30 is available in both clear and gold and can be tinted to meet custom color needs.

Household Products and Personal Care Can Coatings

variety of monobloc aluminun bottles

Monobloc Coatings Brochure

Learn more about our monobloc product portfolio - external basecoats and overvarnishes, internal protective coatings - including valPure technologies, and our aerosol valve coating.

valPure V71S09AA Interior Monobloc Sell Sheet

Whether your monobloc can is for cosmetic, household, industrial or pharmaceutical use Sherwin-Williams has a highly versatile and sustainable solution with our non-BPA* epoxy coating for interior monobloc applications.

Three-Piece Aerosol Can Coatings Brochure

Three-piece aerosol can coatings from Sherwin-Williams are designed to provide both interior performance and exterior durability for all parts of the can. Our product line was engineered in cooperation with can makers and brand owners to provide consumers with a rewarding experience every time they use the can.

aluminum tube

valPure V70 Interior Coatings for Aluminum Tubes

Whether your aluminum tube is for food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, hair dye, or specialty/alkaline household products, Sherwin-Williams offers a highly versatile and sustainable solution with our non-BPA* epoxy interior coatings.

3-piece aerosol can and dome

valPure V61S36 High-Solids Varnish for Three-Piece Aerosol Cans

Our high-solids varnish for three-piece aerosol cans delivers the gloss and abrasion performance necessary to maintain pristine shelf presence after the transportation and handling process. In addition, this non-PFAS high-solids coating enables lower coating volume consumption.

Caps and Closure Coatings Brochure

Closures help create a vacuum seal for jarred foods, locking the freshness in and preserving the food inside. Recyclable metal closures enable a sustainable option for food preservation. Learn more about our coatings for all cap types. 

various closure caps

ROPP and Wine Cap Sell Sheet

Used by world-leading wine and spirits brand owners, Sherwin-Williams coatings for ROPP & wine caps can be the solution for your cap business. Learn more about our many color and and specialty finish option. 

interior of bottle crown

Bottle Crown Sell Sheet

PVC-free solutions for the interior of crown cap applications. Learn about the performance advantages of these technologies. 

Steel Container Brochure

Interior and exterior coatings for drums and pails - download the brochure and learn more about our technologies.

stacked steel drums

Steel Container Rust Inhibitors and Size Coats

The purpose of Rust Inhibitors and Size Coats is to prevent the drum or pail from rusting prior to being filled. Size Coats are designed to be capable of being recoated with linings to improve fabrication without being detrimental to the lining’s chemical resistance properties.

valOR Barrier Information

fresh fruit in liqui

valOR ACTIVE A400 Brochure

The valOR® Active A400 Series is our latest nylon-free barrier additive for monolayer plastic container applications. This innovative new series includes a unique two-pellet system that offers application, performance and appearance advantages.

valOR - Preserve Freshness

Keep O2 out and CO2 in to Preserve Freshness! See the benefits for your application here.

valOR for Juice and Beer Bottles

valOR barrier additives improve the shelf life of your bottles for beer and juice. Learn more in our bulletin.

valOR bottles with barrier additives

valOR AB300 Brochure

The new valOR AB300 series multilayer pure polyamide oxygen and carbon dioxide barrier additives have been developed with improved co-injection, clarity and barrier performance. Download the AB300 brochure to learn more. 

valOR for Mono- and Multi-Layer Bottles

valOR barrier additives work well in mono- and multi-layer bottles.

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