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Get to know our systems by chemistry and use including epoxy, elastomeric, urethane concrete and high-performance integrated wall solutions. 


Selecting a Flooring System
When faced with the challenge of protecting a concrete floor, evaluating the potential options can be a rather daunting task. Four factors that have a bearing on any flooring choice are performance characteristics, aesthetics, scheduling, and budgeting. Before examining each factor, explore this brief overview of our seamless flooring systems.

Resuflor™ Epoxy Systems
Highly durable, long-lasting seamless systems for commercial and industrial use

  • Resuflor Aqua - Water-based systems provide efficient solutions to MVE challenges while meeting performance criteria. Contain low VOCs and emit low odors for reduced environmental impact.
  • Resuflor Deco - Multiple decorative options featuring vinyl flake or colored quartz aggregate in addition to solutions for static dissipative needs.
  • Resuflor Screed - Options for decorative or industrial troweled mortar and malleable floor systems including solutions for a conductive, sparkproof system.
  • Resuflor Terrazzo - Decorative troweled mortar flooring system combining high-solids, pigmented epoxy resin with colored marble, granite chips or other approved aggregates.
  • Resuflor Topcoat - Hard-wearing systems with aesthetic appeal designed for aircraft hangars, manufacturing and service environments that require chemical and abrasion resistance.
  • Resuflor Topfloor - Multiple solutions for a range of epoxy flooring needs including high build industrial applications and mechanical equipment rooms.

SofTop® Comfort Elastomeric Systems
Ergonomic, flexible and sound absorbing with a modern finish

  • SofTop Deco Flake BC -  Thick resinous floor which provides a soft, quiet and decorative appearance but is also chemical, impact and chip resistant. 
  • SofTop TG - Flexible epoxy resin combined with colored rubber chips in a troweled mortar system.
  • SofTop Topfloor BC -  Flexible epoxy-based system that provides noise reduction, an ergonomic yet impact resistance floor. Ideal for industrial applications.

FasTop™ Urethane Concrete Systems
Fast installation, long-lasting performance with rapid-curing systems

  • FasTop Deco Flake - Decorative, heavy duty floor combines a fast-curing base material with mosaic broadcast. Ideal for pharmaceutical, research and biotech applications. 
  • FasTop Deco Quartz - Decorative, cementitious urethane self-leveling slurry with color quartz broadcast for use in warehouses, aircraft hangars, manufacturing facilities and garages.
  • FasTop Multi - Polyurethane, hygienic, chemical and slip resistant flooring systems ideal for food and beverage facilities, chemical plants and industrial applications.
  • FasTop Topcoat - Provides anti-slip properties with a texture that is easier to clean than a full aggregate broadcast while maintaining thermal shock, chemical attack and abrasion resistance.
  • FasTop Topfloor - Multiple options for self-leveling, light to moderate use settings or moisture control.

Resuwall™ Wall Systems
Smooth and continuous films ensure cleanable surfaces

  • Resuwall - Water-based high build wall and ceiling surfacing systems utilizing an epoxy base coat and an optional water-based polyurethane as finish coat for color stability.  
  • Resuwall Aqua GR - Multi-layer, high-build wall and ceiling surfacing systems utilizing an epoxy base coat with fiberglass mesh reinforcement added for dimenionsal stability and greater durability. Water based systems with a long pot life for ease of application.
  • Resuwall Deco Flake - Wall system consisting of water based epoxy resins and small multi-color color flakes to enhance design while maintaining ease of cleaning and chemical resistance properties.
  • Resuwall FR - Fiber reinforced epoxy resin system designed for application to walls and ceilings in demanding environments such as food processing and pharmaceutical facilities.
  • Resuwall FX - Multi-layer, high-build wall system utilizing two coats of a flexible epoxy membrane as a base and a high solids urethane enamel topcoat for chemical resistance, color and gloss retention.
  • Resuwall GR - Multi-layer, high-build wall and ceiling surfacing systems utilizing an epoxy base coat with fiberglass mesh reinforcement added for dimensional stability and greater durability. 

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