Resin Floor in Food Processing Facility

Food and Beverage Flooring

Hard-wearing, hygienic food & beverage processing floor coatings

Seamless floor coatings and systems from Sherwin-Williams contribute significantly to staff safety due to their uniform surface, a stark contrast to the grouted quarry tile and dairy brick commonly found in various food and beverage settings. These systems further bolster food safety by ensuring appropriate drain slopes in areas subject to regular cleanings, thereby preventing water from pooling and fostering bacteria. The FasTop™ seamless polyurethane floor systems offer a textured surface in both wet and dry situations and are impervious to damaging chemicals utilised in the Clean-In-Place (CIP) process, such as caustic soda, nitric and phosphoric acid.

Flooring Solutions for a Broad Spectrum of Food & Beverage Processing Facilities

  • Agricultural

    Sherwin-Williams provides robust agricultural flooring solutions tailor-made for the food and beverage industry. These flooring options offer resilience and low maintenance, capable of withstanding the rigorous conditions commonly found within agricultural environments.

  • Bakeries and Confectioneries

    Sherwin-Williams supplies durable flooring solutions specially designed for the bakeries and confectionaries. These flooring options are a superior choice for withstanding the specific challenges of bakery and confectionery production while ensuring impeccable hygiene and safety.

  • Dairy

    Flooring solutions tailored for dairy plants and production environments are engineered to withstand the damp and fluctuating temperatures typical of dairy operations. These solutions deliver a durable and hygienic surface, essential for the upkeep of high-quality dairy products.

  • Drinks, Distilleries and Breweries

    Our flooring solutions for breweries and distilleries have been designed to withstand exposure to harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures. These flooring solutions are robust and easy to clean, offering a practical and durable surface that ensures optimal hygiene while enduring the rigours of constant foot and machinery traffic.

  • Kitchens

    Flooring in commercial kitchens must exhibit slip-resistance, durability, and ease of cleaning to uphold safety and hygiene. Sherwin-Williams provides a range of flooring solutions for commercial kitchens that satisfy these requirements and are capable of enduring high volumes of foot traffic, moisture, and chemical exposure.

  • Meat, Poultry and Fish Processing

    Sherwin-Williams specialises in delivering flooring solutions for the demanding environments of meat, poultry, and seafood processing. These specialised surfaces are effortless to sanitise and hold up against the relentless strain of heavy footfall, machinery use, moisture, and temperature variations.

Benefits of Sherwin-Williams Flooring for Food Manufacturing and Processing Plants

From food processing and packaging facilities to beverage production and bottling plants, the food and beverage sector necessitates robust flooring solutions that can endure wet conditions, maintain safety standards, and facilitate easy cleaning and maintenance. For durable flooring solutions in food and beverage facilities, look to Sherwin-Williams.

Sherwin-Williams floor coating systems offer a validated solution for the food and beverage industry, featuring benefits such as:

  • Moisture-tolerant to promote hygiene and food safety
  • Capable of withstanding specific chemicals, acids, alkalis, and temperatures present in your food or beverage processing plant
  • Flooring material can be sloped towards the drain, with an integral cove-to-wall base, facilitating easy wash-down
  • Expands and contracts at a rate closely matching that of concrete, ensuring solid bonding even during extreme temperature fluctuations
  • Quick turnaround time that fits well within your production schedule
  • Possesses antimicrobial properties
  • Slip resistance is available and can be tailored for different areas of the plant floor
  • Decorative elements, such as coloured chips or coloured quartz blends, can be incorporated into selected areas
  • Coatings approved by the USDA

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