Architectural Metal Color Trends: Always On

Duration - 0:57

If you haven’t yet heard of the internet of things, you will. From smartphones to smart homes, 3-D printing to augmented reality, there’s no turning back from the digital age. And would we want to if we could? Some may struggle to keep up with technology, but those who were born into it — the digital natives — couldn’t imagine living any other way.

At no time in history has technology moved so fast but for the digital natives, also called “the swipe generation,” and known to many as simply millennials, learning a new interface or social platform is just life as usual. For them, their computers and smart phones are extensions of their bodies and minds.

The color implications of Always On are shifting, multidimensional color that is hard to define, much like Millennials themselves. Taking cues from the devices we’ve grown to depend on, colors like Gentle Violet and Honeymoon Bungalow are daring, experimental and mimic the transitional nature of the digital world.

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