Architectural Metal Color Trends: Life in Flex

Duration - 1:3

If the old mantra was “work hard, play hard,” the new one is “play is work, work is play.” Thanks to new technology, it’s never been easier to go untethered, and as a result, younger generations don’t compartmentalize their lives the way previous generations did. Work is no longer 9 to 5. Play is no longer reserved for weekends.

This new, more flexible lifestyle is accompanied by a change in the way we think about color in a professional setting. The comforts of home — be it a more casual styled couch or colors typically reserved for home interiors — are migrating into the workplace. Color feeds creativity and the colors of home are bringing new life to the office.

The color implications of Life in Flex are bold, expressive colors that make a statement individually but still stand together. Spiced Pumpkin and Pavestone are colors that help us feel comfortable at work by making us feel at home, while reshaping our traditional understanding of space and function.

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