Architectural Metal Color Trends: Future Lux

Duration - 1:3

What does “luxury” look like going forward? It’s not about status, nor is it exclusive. Tomorrow’s luxury is accessible and defined by utility. Experience trumps acquisition. This also applies to durable goods, where functionality and flexibility combine with design and color to create objects as beautiful as they are useful.

The luxury goods of tomorrow enhance our experience of the world. Luxury is coaxed from the raw elements. Everyday materials are processed and developed in new ways, given luxurious finishes. Precious metals are reinvented for superior performance and strength. Future Lux is elegant, minimalist and fully relevant to our lives.

The color implications of the Future Lux trend are honest, grounding shades derived from earth minerals. Colors like Rustic Orange and Satin lend a feeling of permanence and trust, and when combined with the shimmer and shine of metal create the unmistakable look of luxury.

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