Sherwin-Williams Strategy to Line Billions of Cans: Hire Skeptics

As new regulation standards develop in the packaging industry, and consumer and customer preferences adjust, it is important that companies stay on top of these changes. This article explains how Sherwin-Williams took an innovative approach in creating an epoxy coating, valPure® V70, that would meet performance needs without the use of BPA. Sherwin-Williams sought out stakeholders’ perspective on the coating and asked the FDA, EPA, NGOs and scientists to evaluate the science and safety of V70. valPure V70 is the only epoxy coating to not contain BPA, delivering on performance for customers and consumer preferences. Learn more about the inventive way Sherwin-Williams formulated V70 using a transparent and collaborative method.

Article Summary of Sherwin-Williams Strategy to Line Billions of Cans: Hire Skeptics, appearing in Bloomberg Environment, August 30, 2018. 

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