The Revolutionary Non-BPA Epoxy Coating

Even though regulatory agencies affirm that it is safe to use BPA in coatings, consumers, NGOs and consumer advocacy groups have pushed for non-BPA options. The light metal packaging industry had difficulty creating a non-BPA coating that delivered the same performance and manufacturability as epoxy coatings containing BPA. Sherwin-Williams accepted the challenge to find a successful alternative using their “Safety by Design” process, adapted from a pharmaceutical model, and by asking toxicologists, independent labs and scientists to evaluate the effects of their coatings. As a result, Sherwin-Williams developed and commercialized valPure® V70, an epoxy coating that does not use BPA – giving the industry another option for non-BPA solutions. Discover more about the performance and application capabilities of V70.

Article Summary of The Revolutionary Non-BPA Epoxy Coating appearing in Beverage Packaging Innovation, Summer 2018 Issue. 



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valPure V70 - a non-BPA Epoxy

Cutting-edge Non-BPA* Epoxy technology already available for Beverage Can Interior, Beverage End Interior, Food D&I Interior, and Food Exterior applications.(V70 Series)

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