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Keep Employee Welfare Areas Safe, Clean and Aesthetically Pleasing

Maintaining safety in these areas protects your greatest assets – your employees. According to Business & Industry Connection magazine, slip and fall injuries are among the most common workplace accidents, and the cost of a typical slip and fall injury averages over $20,000.

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Floor and Wall Coatings for Food & Beverage Facilities

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plant workers in lunchroom

Employee Welfare Area Coating Solutions

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Employee welfare areas, such as bathrooms, shower/washroom facilities and breakrooms, provide a space for employees to prepare for their shift or relax during lunch. By consistently maintaining the safety and cleanliness of these locations, facilities can help create a more productive team environment and increase employee retention rates.

Coatings play an important role in preserving the safety and cleanliness of such common areas:

  • Prevent costly workplace injuries with skid resistant flooring
  • Resist the growth of fungus and bacteria with a seamless, highly washable design
  • Extend the life of your floors, walls, and ceilings with high durability against heavy foot traffic and harsh chemicals

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