Why Non-BPA Can Coatings Matter

Why do non-BPA can coatings matter? Read this Sherwin-Williams article to learn about the many benefits of non-BPA linings and can coatings.

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Can coatings, used inside metal cans play a critical role in delivering many benefits. Without can coatings, public health and food safety would be jeopardized. Without can coatings, food in metal packaged goods would not retain a multi-year shelf life. Put simply, without can coatings, food integrity would decrease, while food spoilage and the occurrence of serious bacteria-related illnesses, such as botulism, could increase. Epoxy resins are the most common can linings. They have a proven track record in terms of performance, manufacturability and food safety. 

Epoxy resins containing BPA set the standard for performance. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and many other regulatory agencies around the world approve the use of BPA-based coatings in food contact materials. NGOs and consumer advocacy groups, however, have seized on concerns raised by some researchers regarding BPA, to lead an effort to have BPA removed from food containers. 

BPA has been banned from infant feeding bottles across the EU since June 1, 2011. In Belgium, Sweden and Denmark, BPA is banned in other materials that come into contact with food intended for infants and children under three years. France has also banned BPA in all food packaging, containers and utensils. In the EU, while BPA is permitted for use in materials that are in contact with food, there is a maximum amount that is allowed to leach out of the material (a tolerable daily intake (TDI) of 0.05 milligrams/kilogram of body weight/day).

According to the 2019 Eurobarometer survey, across Europe 51% of respondents say they have heard about traces of materials that come into contact with food, while 16% of respondents are concerned about issues with food contact materials.1 

Until recently, it has been a challenge to find next-generation coatings that deliver comparable results without the use of BPA. Sherwin-Williams decided to drive innovation and meet the growing demand for non-BPA linings, formulating valPure® – a line of non-BPA coatings for beverage, food and household product containers. This portfolio of can coatings provide can makers and brand owners with a non-BPA lining choice for their products.

To learn more about the value of metal cans and non-BPA coatings, download our full whitepaper, The Revival of the Metal Can.



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