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Prepare for an FSMA Audit

Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) audits are necessary, but can be overwhelming. To help you in the audit preparation process, Sherwin-Williams food & beverage industry experts can provide a site evaluation to help ensure a safe and compliant facility.

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Top 10 Areas of Coatings Concern in Food and Beverage Facilities

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Four Ways Coatings Can Impact FSMA Compliance

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Sherwin-Williams Food & Beverage site evaluators identify the areas of facilities that need protective coatings the most, and the common types of problems that can occur. Peeling paint, flaking rust and porous surfaces are just the beginning. Our experts will focus on four key goals:

  • Eliminating floor hazards associated with slips/falls and bacteria harborage
  • Promoting water movement along walls to assist with effective cleaning and chemical impact protection
  • Protecting your equipment, structures and other assets from corrosion
  • Reducing storage/warehouse contamination

Let us help you prepare for your audit with a safety-focused plan for your facility. Fill out the form to get more information and schedule your site evaluation.

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