The Always On Color Trend — Digital is the New Frontier

Technology is no longer an accessory of our life; it is an integral part of it. Consistently present yet constantly changing, the transitional nature of the digital world is visible in the way we design and build, and the colors we use. We call this future-facing approach the Always On trend.

If you haven't yet heard of the internet of things, you will. From smartphones to smart homes, 3-D printing to augmented reality, there's no turning back from the digital age. And would we want to if we could? Some may struggle to keep up with technology, but those who were born into it — the digital natives — couldn't imagine living any other way.

At no time in history has technology moved so fast, but for the digital natives, also called "the swipe generation," and known to many simply as millennials, learning a new interface or social platform is just life as usual. For them, their computers and smartphones are extensions of their bodies and minds.

That multidimensional approach extends to every aspect of their lives. Millennials increasingly value functionality that is both appealing and emotive. They want connected products and environments with technology integrated seamlessly so everything around just works. This generation wants more than just data and devices — it wants intuitive living.

In our next post we’ll discuss the color, material and texture implications of the Always On trend as they relate to building and architectural design. As part of this series, we’ll take a look at other trends Sherwin-Williams has identified that will influence the look and design of buildings to come. We'll also share with you some case studies where you can see these trends come to life.


Always On Color Trend

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