Solutions for Cellulosic Fire Protection

High performance passive fire protection

Today’s modern buildings are not just striking in their design but remarkable for their inherent building safety.

Thanks to our advanced intumescent coatings, many of the world’s most iconic structures have been protected with our FIRETEX® range of cellulosic products.

Discover the Sherwin-Williams difference with our comprehensive and uniquely innovative FIRETEX® range of passive fire protection coatings - designed to save time and maximise application throughput without compromising on high-quality aesthetics. 

A FIRETEX® coating to suit every scenario

The evolution of FIRETEX® has led to the development of a world-class range of cellulosic fire protection products designed to meet the rigorous fire safety standards demanded by 21st century building regulations.

Our broad range of intumescent coatings contains a solution fit for every unique situation. From the ultra-fast drying FX6000 series for maximum productivity to our Platinum series, which offers the ultimate 2-in-1 fire and corrosion protection solution, our coatings are chosen and trusted by building owners, architects, steel fabricators and application contractors worldwide. 

In addition to intumescent coatings ideally suited to each application and service scenario, Sherwin-Williams can also guide specifiers and users of the FIRETEX® products to an optimal solution for their specific fire protection needs and provide ongoing support to the supply chain during project delivery.

steel beams in an application shop

Cellulosic Passive Fire Protection Solutions

Sherwin-Williams FIRETEX® series is a comprehensive range of intumescent coatings designed to provide long term service and critical fire protection to structural steel for up to 120 minutes, while meeting demanding construction speed and design aesthetic requirements.

The FIRETEX range of passive fire protection coatings have solutions optimized for application in shop or at the job site, ensuring that whatever the construction schedule, there is a FIRETEX material to meet your needs.

Download our new FIRETEX cellulosic solutions brochure:

FIRETEX® FX6000 Series

Unique and patented technology, the FX6000 series offers ultra-fast drying, fantastic weather resistance and mechanical toughness, these products offer the ultimate productivity whether applied in-shop or on-site. 

Image of UnipolSai Tower under construction.

FIRETEX® Platinum Series

A 2-in-1 solution for fire and corrosion protection, with high durability, long life expectancy and excellent corrosion protection up to C5 Very High (according to ISO 12944-2). For when you need the ultimate in terms of durability and mechanical toughness.  

Exterior photo of Bad Vibel Municipal Library.

FIRETEX® FX5000 Series

FX5000 series of water-based intumescent coatings offer the most cost-effective solution for on-site application of passive fire protection in internal environments. 

Interior steelwork of Flame Towers, Azerbaijan

FIRETEX® FX2000/FX1000 Series

Competitive thickness requirements, excellent film build and rapid drying make the solvent-based FX2000 series the perfect choice for shop or site application where enhanced durability is needed compared to water based products

Higher flashpoint variant FX1000 series available where needed.

Interior steelwork of Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, London

Specialist fire protection solutions for wood and concrete

In addition to our cellulosic range, Sherwin-Williams also offers specialist intumescent coatings for the protection of wood and concrete building structures. 

No matter the construction material, we have a solution for you. 

Pyroplast® Series

Passive fire protection solution for wood and wood derivatives in internal environments, the range includes a transparent option allowing the timber to be an aesthetic feature of the building and at the same time have a reaction to fire classification of B (EN13501-1)

Interior of Charles De Gaulles aiport in Paris

FIRETEX® Concrete Series

Passive fire protection solution for internal environments, for concrete ceilings and walls as well as columns and beams to reduce the heat input into the steel reinforcement.

Interior photo of the underground car park at Unterland School Centre, Eschen, Liechtenstein

Looking for product data sheets?

Find product data sheets and safety data sheets in our bespoke online portal. 

Long term durability meets high aesthetics

Designed for life. The art of 21st century fire protection.

Offering world-class passive fire protection and long term durability, FIRETEX® meets the most demanding fire safety building standards while offering great aesthetics.

Find out how FIRETEX® supports challenging architectural projects

An engineer stands on a construction site holding a technical document
Coating is applied to a steel beam in an application shop

A fully supported application process for fast throughput times

With fast drying times and easy application, we’ve made world-class cellulosic protection quick and simple. And with expert technical support, including our 3D fully-automated BIM solutions to help you meet the specific demands of your project. 

Discover how the FIRETEX® range provides flexibility in the application process

The science of fire protection

The science of fire protection is complex. It’s also a major investment. So, don’t guess it. Draw on our combined structural engineering experience and fire expertise with our Fire Engineering and Estimating Team (FEET). They can produce calculations for both cellulosic and hydrocarbon fire scenarios, including the evaluation of Carbon Equivalent (CO2e) weight, using our Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).

This invaluable service is available at concept development to ensure the correct product and film thickness to provide optimum protection.

Based in Europe, US and Asia, we can give you global 24/7 support, wherever you are. 

Discover a smarter approach to fire engineering

An engineer stands on a construction site holding a technical document
oil worker looks out onto a rig at sea

Choosing the right fire protection solution

Tap into our unparalleled technical know-how to make the right product choices.

Drawing on our in-depth industry knowledge, field experience, and detailed understanding of the technical attributes of each product, our experts can advise you on the correct primer, coating and topcoat as well as the correct surface preparation and application techniques.

Let our experts help you find the right solution for your needs

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