Application of FX6010

Intumescent Coatings - Simplified

FIRETEX® FX6010 Ultra-fast-drying Intumescent Fire Protection for Construction Projects

Sherwin-Williams FIRETEX FX6010 intumescent coating has market-leading properties, including fast drying and reduced overcoating times, superior durability, good aesthetics, and the ability to be applied in shop or on-site.

These benefits translate into significant time and cost savings for applicators, enabling steel fabricators to satisfy the fire protection requirement of their clients and architects.

FIRETEX® FX6010 can be applied by normal airless spray equipment giving greater flexibility for the contractor to complete the application on or off-site. The rapid drying characteristics enable high productivity and a quick return to service with minimum disruption to the schedule.

Application Time Savings and Fast Return to Service

  • Rapid drying, overcoating, inspection and hand-over, reducing the impact on the critical path for site application and maximising throughput when applied in shop
  • Suitable for field or shop application
  • Formulated for ease of application
  • It can be applied by single-component airless spray
  • Early weathering resistance
  • Excellent durability, with resistance to weather and damage, including during any transport and erection processes
  • Excellent aesthetic finish can be achieved without additional labour
  • Low VOC, reduces environmental impact
  • Extensively certified

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